Find hidden leaks and 
significantly improve your marketing.

Marketing audits and strategy

Get an independent view from the outside

It is difficult to evaluate yourself! A marketing audit will provide you with an independent view unburdened by internal antagonism and problems. We will help you:

  • Look at your company through the eyes of your customers.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Evaluate your communication with customers.
  • Evaluate how you use available resources.

Find hidden leaks

Identify those activities whose benefits are not being optimized.
Invest the cash saved in more rewarding activities.

Be the best in your segment

You cannot do everything and target all. It is necessary to identify the market position of your company and your products accurately. Choose a suitable segment and be the best in it.

We know how to do it

Our marketing audit provides an objective evaluation of the state of your company.
We provide specific, practical suggestions tailored to your potential and needs.

Information confidentiality

All the audited information gathered is treated as strictly confidential. This can be guaranteed contractually if required.

Do not waste your money

Our clients regularly report that they save significant sums of money thanks to our workshops. The cost of a marketing audit is in the tens of thousands of CZK which is very low compared to the cost of advertising.

Focus on goal achievement

Implementation is always the hardest part. In business, however, we count the results and not the effort! We will help you get things done.

Who can benefit from a marketing audit?

The marketing audit and follow-up strategy design provide ideal tools for owners and directors of medium-sized companies (approx. 10 – 200 employees) who face specific problems and who are looking for inspiration while not wishing to waste resources.

Selected references – audit and strategy

„Based on analysis and recommendations from B-inside, we saved significant amounts of money that we intended to invest in inappropriate and inefficient forms of promotion for our law office.
The marketing activities recommended to us by PhDr. Soukup brought us new clients in a short period of time and, therefore, I consider our cooperation very positive and hope that we will work together in the future.”

Mgr. Jan Mauric, Mauric & Partner s.r.o. Lawyers

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