B2B market research

Better business decisions 
based on market knowledge.

Our B2B market research solutions

Information is the key to success

Decisions based on an objective knowledge of the market are always better than conjecture. Find out:

  • What potential exists in the market?
  • What the customer’s needs are?
  • Who decides on contracts and what the basis of the decision is?
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  • Why you sell less than you expected?

How do your customers perceive you?

You can think what you want about your business. But the important thing is how you are perceived by your customers. Find out how they evaluate you and what they are satisfied or dissatisfied with.

We know how to do it

Our B2B market research provides you with exactly the information you need based on which you can make the right decisions. We supply clear, detailed information and practical recommendations.

Solutions overview

We offer a range of solutions – from complex market research intended for establishing a market strategy, through competitor research to market research focusing on exporting.

Market research is cheaper than trial and error

Try to shoot with your eyes closed – what is the chance that you will be successful at the first attempt? The same principle applies when entering a new market or introducing new products.

Research for all of Europe

We supply market research services for both the Czech Republic and abroad.
Our interviewers are always only native speakers.

Selected references – B2B market research


„I especially appreciated the experience of B-inside, their professionalism and comprehensive understanding of our market and our needs. Thanks to their research we gained nearly 30 new clients in the two months following completion of the project.“

Andrea Techlová, Kimberly-Clark Professional

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